An Homage to May

Seriously where did May go? Winter crawled by at its own, very slow, pace. And now it's June- where the days are longer yet time flies. Ill look at the clock and see 3pm and then look again and it reads 9:30pm. I feel like June 1st was yesterday, and here we are days into it already.

But it's the month of summer; although looking outside my window today, you wouldn't know it. May was fun- it brought with it gorgeous blooms, the outdoor farmers market, bike rides and the dawn of this seasons al fresco dining. So before we bid adieu to may and welcome June with open arms for it's even warmer temperatures and the official start of summer, I thought an homage to May- the month that was- was in order.

May started with me being asked to do a guest post for Wisconsin Cheese. I made pesto macaroni and cheese; and then proceeded to eat a shameful amount of cheesy, pesto-y macaroni and cheese. A great start to the month!

Wisconsin Pesto Macaroni and Cheese4

May saw me finally making White Bean and Rosemary dip from Heidi Swanson' s wildly popular cookbook Super Natural Every Day. Heidi of course being the author of the very popular blog 101 cookbooks.

White Bean Dip 1

Then I toasted to summer, with a hot bowl of soup- Spicy Carrot Soup to be exact. Crazy they call me. Anyways, despite it being slightly unseasonable, it was absolutely delicious. The recipe was from the cookbook Marie Claire Australia.

Spicy Carrot Soup 3

And then my camera went to the medic- and has yet to be returned. I miss my camera more than anything. I had a friend lend me hers; but in the meantime I turned to my trusty iPhone and the amazing app Instagram- documenting my rekindled love for Nutella and all around food love. God I love Instagram! If you have it, let's be friends (FoodAndPictures); if you don't have it- get it.


May ended up getting really busy toward the end; with planning a new menu for a restaurant and writing assignments flowing in- I barely had time for blogging. With pictures on my computer, taken with a borrowed camera, I finally got real and posted a recipe- on the very last day of the Month. I like coming in right before the bell. Another carrot recipe, of course. This time Roasted with Ginger and Garlic- what can I say, I love the little guys.

Carrots Ginger and Garlic

Happy June friends. Off to another great month we go!


  1. Tell me about it, I can't believe we're already half way through the year! I can't wait to make that dip, it sound so good!

  2. It really is a favorite of mine; a highlight of May for sure!

  3. lovely recipes here, plus, Nutella and I friends for life, cheers from london

  4. Nutella for life- I like that! Thanks for the kind words:)


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