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I love food; although I am sure you would have guessed that by now- with the whole food blog thing and all.

This week I fell in love with Nutella all over again. Against my better judgement I purchased a small container; and as I expected, it will not last very long. I have been putting it on cookies and toast- hell, I even made a cheddar and Nutella sandwich; to which my boss asked me if I was pregnant. I assure you that I am not pregnant- I'm just a glutton for Nutella.

Also it is full on summer in Edmonton and with the sunshine and balmy temperatures comes gorgeous produce. Raspberries are one of my favorites and I am beyond excited that they are finally juicy and inviting. I cannot stop, they are just so damn good- alone or with yogurt. Which brings me to Greek yogurt, it is one of my greatest loves- who needs a man when there is yogurt? Greek yogurt is like the rolls royce of yogurts; so devastatingly creamy, I could eat a whole container and want more- there I go again with the gluttony!

I digress friends, it is a long weekend here and the forecast calls for beautiful weather; so if you're looking for me, I'll be on a patio somewhere with a blended drink in hand.

Happy weekend:)


  1. Enjoy the sunny weekend! ;-)

  2. Oh my, nutella and cheddar! It sounds really delish, but I might have to sneak eat it in private. ;) One of my favorite things about summer is all the fruit for snacking. Right now I'm gorging myself on strawberries.

  3. Thank you Maria, I had a lovely weeken indeed!

    Oh Kimberley you must try nutella and cheddar, it is oddly delicious!


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