Food | Deviled Eggs

My camera is currently away at the manufacturer being fixed; so rather than allow this blog to remain idle while they mend the problem, I have decided to turn this blog into one big about me page!

Deviled EGGS

My family loves a good party; which explains my affinity for parties now. I have vivid childhood memories of being at my grandparent’s house, the kids downstairs, adults upstairs and music blaring everywhere. The food was always plentiful; and although I was far too young to indulge in all the vices, I know now that the alcohol was plentiful as well! I used to think that all families had gathering as boisterous as mine- I learned very soon that that wasn’t the case. After attending a family dinner at a friend’s house, I remember thinking “goodness, either my family is really loud or these people are really quiet”, the answer of course being the former- which explains my voices’ propensity to carry.

My mom always tells the story of when she was younger and my grandparents would be having one of their legendary parties, and her and my aunt would have to help my grandmother prepare food. Hours spent devilling eggs, rolling dates in bacon and mixing punch; and as the guest arrived, my aunt and mother were relegated to their rooms to watch television and stay out of the way. Past 8pm children were not to be seen or heard. My mother still claims that the worst torture was having to prepare all the food and then being forced to look through a crack in the door only to see adults enjoying the fruits of her labor. But despite that, she looks back on those times with fondness- I’m told my grandparents and their friends were a hoot in their day!

Deviled eggs are quintessentially old school and were a mainstay on my grandmother’s party menus. But despite their nostalgic roots, they are making a roaring comeback with very nouveau renditions; gone are the days of bland filling. Today people are deviling their eggs with chives, bacon, curry and everything but the kitchen sink.; and when a deviled egg is good, holy crap is it good. Eggs are so wonderfully versatile and their demonic renditions are no different- these little devils are positively heavenly. Every time I go to a party and see deviled eggs I get excited and a bit nostalgic- thinking of my mother, aunt and grandmother in my grandparents 70’s kitchen making deviled eggs.

Deviled Eggs
c/o Simply Recipes

1 dozen eggs
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
1/3 cup mayonnaise
1 Tbsp minced onion or shallot
1/4 teaspoon Tabasco
Salt and pepper
First hard boil the eggs. Fill up a large saucepan half-way with water and gently add the eggs. Cover the eggs with at least an inch of water. Add a teaspoon of vinegar to the water (this will help contain egg whites from leaking out if any of the shells crack while cooking). Add a pinch of salt to the water. Bring the water to a boil. Cover, and remove from heat. Let sit covered for 12-15 minutes. Drain hot water from pan and run cold water over the eggs. (At this point if you crack the egg shells while the eggs are cooling, it will make it easier to peel the shells.) Let sit in the cool water a few minutes, changing the water if necessary to keep it cool.
Peel the eggs. Using a sharp knife, slice each egg in half, lengthwise. Gently remove the yolk halves and place in a small mixing bowl. Arrange the egg white halves on a serving platter. Using a fork, mash up the yolks and add mustard, mayonnaise, onion, tabasco, and a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Spoon egg yolk mixture into the egg white halves. Sprinkle with paprika.

Makes 2 dozen deviled eggs.


Pictures | Memory Lane

"Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us."
~Oscar Wilde

Friends and family are so important- this past week, nothing has become apparent than that. While I was visiting my grandparents this weekend for father’s day, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic. I started looking through their photo albums; I love old photographs. Soon enough the whole family was flipping through the albums and telling stories- I’m sure the laughter and storytelling were audible to anyone who walked by.

Those kind of times are the best kind of times; looking back on the moments that have made us, us.

While I was sitting there, surrounded by my family and our memories, I had an idea. A light bulb moment; because what has also become glaringly apparent over this past week, is that CANON is going to keep my camera as long as they feel like- while I sit here and wait, camera less.

So while I wait for those goons at CANON to fix my ailing camera, this blog is going to become a great big about me page!


When I was eight years old my grandmother took my cousin and I on a four week trip to Trinidad. Two words- Culture. Shock. My cousin and I are both born in Canada and we had become rather accustomed to our North American lifestyle, and Trinidad was a whole lot different at the time. Needless to say, it was a trip. For instance my cousin had a bug fly in her ear.

Most homes have tin roofs and the windows (if there are windows) are kept open at all times- it’s all about a cross breeze in that climate. So one night we're laying in the dark and my cousin starts losing it “grandma, grandma- a bug flew in my ear”. It was pandemonium; my great grandmother and grandmother panicking, while my cousin is freaking. Funnily enough, I don’t remember the outcome; they may have gone to the hospital, they may not have- I don’t remember. Eight year olds have an amazing capacity to sleep through anything.

One afternoon I had my very own run in with tropical insects; my Trinidadian cousins and I were playing outside, when they started stomping on a patch of ants. I, being eight years old and game for anything, started doing the same; but these weren’t just ants, they were some kind of stinging ant. The following scene, as you can imagine, is best described as, you guessed it, pandemonium; ending with my great grandmother hosing me down with water- and tears, of course tears. Good times.


*If you hadn't already guessed, I'm in the peach bathing suit...I loved that bathing suit.

These pictures were taken on the shores where my grandfather grew up. We had gone up to his childhood home- which faces the ocean, with a lovely little creek flowing by it. At the time I was far too young to appreciate Mother Nature’s wonders in my family’s native land; but as a confirmed water baby, I was in heaven! The day was free of insect snafus and the like; we beached, ate fruit off the trees and played with our cousins. The only pandemonium-ish moment was when my grandmother frantically paced the beach- screaming at me for going too far out into the ocean. Funnily enough, for people born by the ocean, very few of my family members can swim.


You. Are. Loved.

"One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving."


Today, please take a second to tell someone in your life that you love them- they may really need to hear it; today could be the day they need to hear it the most.

It could save their life.

Life is precious- it is the most precious gift there is; and although some days life can be rough- it always gets better.

Cherish yourself and the people around you; and please remember today- and everyday- that YOU. ARE. LOVED.


Food | Beets with Almonds

Beets with Almonds2

Summer is here; and I know that I start almost every post with this statement- but I really cannot contain my excitement! Summer is brief around these parts, so I can guarantee you that I am not alone in my enthusiasm. And although my excitement is palpable, I still continue to make soup and root vegetables- I'm mysterious like that; but I will say this, soup is perfect in the summer- rumor even has it, that soup on a hot day cools you down. But that's still a rumor. Despite this claim, soup and root vegetables are ever so winter, conjuring up thoughts of carb loading and heavy meals; but please stay with me, I do have a point.

I love beets- one of the quintessential root vegetables; and all winter I meant to make beets- as magazines and blogs were blowing up with them; but I never managed to get around to the task. There are so many recipes to get through and so few days, it can be terribly overwhelming at times- some recipes slip through the cracks. It really is a shame.

But I resolved not to let them all slip through these unforgiving cracks. So despite it being long overdue and rather unseasonable (a theme these days)- I made beets.

Beets with almonds 6

On a sunny afternoon in May, I made beets; and they shone a glorious crimson and tasted so deeply earthy and rich- they were perfect.

Although my love for beets is considerable, beets have gotten a bad rap in some circles; as this is a vegetable that if poorly prepared, suffers tremendously- they end up taking on the flavor of potting soil. And let's not forget about the fact that anything they come in contact with is branded with the characteristic violet that beets are known for. Personally I think the hand staining is half the fun of preparing these little gems- but that can be boiled down to eccentricity. However, no matter your sentiments on staining and regardless of the time of year, this is a go to dish. The beets alone- sauteed with balsamic vinegar- are divine; but because it's summer and the time to celebrate life with indulgence, I added toasted almonds.

Beet with Almonds4

Beet with Almonds

4 large beets, trimmed and peeled
1/4 cup toasted almonds
1 sprig of cilantro
1/4 cup balsamic oil
1 tbsp salt- for boiling
3/4 tsp salt- for cooking
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tsp olive oil

Dice the beets in large pieces; and bring 4 cups of water to boil with the beets and 1 tbsp of salt. Cook until a fork can be easily pierced into a beet. Drain and cool. Heat the olive oil in a non stick saute pan on medium high heat. Add the beets and toss for 4 minutes or the beets start to caramelize. Season with salt and pepper. Toss 1 more minute. Deglaze by adding the balsamic oil. Cook for 1 more minute. Remove from heat; add the almonds and garnish with cilantro.


An Homage to May

Seriously where did May go? Winter crawled by at its own, very slow, pace. And now it's June- where the days are longer yet time flies. Ill look at the clock and see 3pm and then look again and it reads 9:30pm. I feel like June 1st was yesterday, and here we are days into it already.

But it's the month of summer; although looking outside my window today, you wouldn't know it. May was fun- it brought with it gorgeous blooms, the outdoor farmers market, bike rides and the dawn of this seasons al fresco dining. So before we bid adieu to may and welcome June with open arms for it's even warmer temperatures and the official start of summer, I thought an homage to May- the month that was- was in order.

May started with me being asked to do a guest post for Wisconsin Cheese. I made pesto macaroni and cheese; and then proceeded to eat a shameful amount of cheesy, pesto-y macaroni and cheese. A great start to the month!

Wisconsin Pesto Macaroni and Cheese4

May saw me finally making White Bean and Rosemary dip from Heidi Swanson' s wildly popular cookbook Super Natural Every Day. Heidi of course being the author of the very popular blog 101 cookbooks.

White Bean Dip 1

Then I toasted to summer, with a hot bowl of soup- Spicy Carrot Soup to be exact. Crazy they call me. Anyways, despite it being slightly unseasonable, it was absolutely delicious. The recipe was from the cookbook Marie Claire Australia.

Spicy Carrot Soup 3

And then my camera went to the medic- and has yet to be returned. I miss my camera more than anything. I had a friend lend me hers; but in the meantime I turned to my trusty iPhone and the amazing app Instagram- documenting my rekindled love for Nutella and all around food love. God I love Instagram! If you have it, let's be friends (FoodAndPictures); if you don't have it- get it.


May ended up getting really busy toward the end; with planning a new menu for a restaurant and writing assignments flowing in- I barely had time for blogging. With pictures on my computer, taken with a borrowed camera, I finally got real and posted a recipe- on the very last day of the Month. I like coming in right before the bell. Another carrot recipe, of course. This time Roasted with Ginger and Garlic- what can I say, I love the little guys.

Carrots Ginger and Garlic

Happy June friends. Off to another great month we go!