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Oh man, what a week- after partying away the long weekend, I found myself sick. Self inflicted sickness hurts the worst because I know it could have been avoided. In any case, I found solace in my bed, obviously; but the fact that asparagus is in season and so glorious and plump was slightly comforting to me while I was ailing. Small victories.

Breakfast for dinner. Eggs with proscuitto. Enough said.

And of course Nutella; but this time spread on a cracked black pepper cracker with a decent smattering of brie; and washed down with a nice bold red. I repeat- heavenly.

Food Love May 26 001

Food Love May 26 003

Food Love May 26 004

This weekend will be far more tame than the last. The fact that the forecast calls mostly for rain should help me stay in.

Have a nice weekend friends:)


  1. Yum, asparagus! Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm a fan of asparagus and your lovely pictures are making my mouth water :)


  3. Thank you Aldy- asparagus really is the best!


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