Mother's Day

"God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers." ~Jewish Proverb


Mothers. Everyone thinks theirs is the best. And I am no different. As I get older I understand the importance and depth of motherhood.

Being a mother is hard- said from a non mothers point of view. Mine, single and a child herself when I was born, was so committed to the job; doing whatever it took to see me in soccer, music, swimming and all my other childhood fancies; never letting on to the fact that she was a man down. I am very lucky; and I know that some aren't which is why I am so grateful.

Today is the day I- and many others- salute the woman who sacrificed her body, the life she knew and oftentimes her sanity, for a sassy 6lb 12oz chocolate baby, born at 4:15pm in the afternoon on a beautiful day in July. And today I say, thank you mom, for everything.

Happy Mother's Day!



  1. What beautiful flowers! Moms are the best. :)

  2. Thanks Katie, beautiful flowers for my beautiful mother!

  3. Beautiful photos, I love the colour of those roses!

  4. Thank you Maria- she loved the flowers!


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