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Oh what a week- I cried on Tuesday and Wednesday bore some really upsetting news; not even Orchids could make me feel better. Sometimes life comes in full force and I wish I could press pause and regroup- but we all know that time stops for no one and life waits for who? No one!

All day yesterday I was in a foul mood; and I thought to myself, how can I turn this day around? I thought of shouting from the rooftops like a tigress in heat- but I didn’t want to startle the neighbors; and barring getting on a plane and flying far away from here, the only thing left was booze. Now I find it problematic to have a stiff vodka soda at noon, but disguising a libation in a tea cup garnished with oranges and cinnamon sticks- now that’s genius! I took once sip and immediately felt better- all warm and fuzzy on the inside; and, truthfully, it was exactly what I needed to take the edge off a really challenging week.


This drink can be made with any type of tea and any type of liqueur, I used Kahlua because it’s what was in my pantry- but I probably would have used turpentine by that point. In any case, this drink did the trick; and if you need a quick mid afternoon pick me up, I suggest you try this!

Afternoon Delight
1 tea bag
¼ cup Kahlua
1 cup hot water

1 orange round, halved

2 cinnamon sticks
Steep the teabag in hot water for 3 minutes; remove the tea bag and add the Kahlua. Add the orange and stir with the cinnamon sticks.


And I will say this, I don’t have a drinking problem- I’m a problem drinker. HA, kidding! Let’s cheers the weekends arrival, because that certainly deserves a toast ;)

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