Pictures | An Afternoon With The Pups


You might be wondering did Bianca cook dog this weekend, caused by delirium from carbohydrate withdrawal. Nope. Although in some cultures it’s completely acceptable to eat the canine species, you won’t find puppy chow on this blog- but I pass ZERO judgment.

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Food posts are slim pickings around here; because honestly I have been eating the same variation of the EXACT same thing for the past two weeks- them the breaks on a cleanse.

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This past Saturday I spent the afternoon at my parent’s house and I couldn’t help but turn it into a puppy photo shoot. My “puppies” are actually full blown adults- twelve and thirteen years respectively- but they’ll always be puppies to me. As much as I love them, shooting animals reminded me why I love to shoot still life and food- they don’t move; animals do. At one point I had to hold my eldest dogs face in between my knees in order to get a snout shot- good god I love puppy snouts. I’m a sucker for a snout.

By the end of the impromptu shoot, my dogs were WAY over me following them around the house and snapping away- my female dog Ginger is deathly afraid of a camera lens- I have no idea why; but she’s got to get over it. I like pictures, I like dogs and she’s my dog- so too bad Gingey, willing or not, you are going to be one of my animal subjects.

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I promise a food post very soon;)


  1. Thanks Maria, they are my pride and joy, lol!


  2. Nice closeups :) I've been thinking about getting a dog, maybe next year. It's a big decision.

  3. It is a big decision, but they are so much fun and add so much to a home. I decided I getting my " own" dog when I'm 28! I say go for it. SPCA has tons of pups looking for a good home. Just think of all the animal photoshoots!

  4. Aww, how cute. They make me miss my dog!

  5. They are the best gems ever. I miss when they were actual puppies but the beauty of dogs is that they are cute forever!

  6. Thanks Kimberley, I love them so much!

  7. I'm smitten with your gorgeous dogs. Those eyes! The paws and the snouts. Adorable. I'm glad to know you didn't eat them! xo

  8. They're so cute, I really could eat them; but alas no puppy chow for me.


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